A Day out in Raleigh

NC Museum of History

Happy Thursday all – here’s another post in my Wednesday Wanderings series (it’s a day late…we can pretend it’s Wednesday today, right)? Despite the fact that I’ve lived in NC for five years now, I’ve never visited any of the museums in Raleigh. So yesterday my husband and I decided to take a day trip and explore the North Carolina Museum of History.

We dropped our dog at doggie day care for the day and headed to a new Panera that was opening nearby. The first 500 guests received a travel mug and free coffee for two weeks, so we grabbed a bagel and our mugs, caught up with a friend for a bit, then got on the road with our mugs full of coffee for the drive.

Of course, we needed lunch as soon as we got to Raleigh (does anyone else set out for a day trip and get to your destination just in time for lunch?), so we stopped at the Flying Biscuit Cafe to fuel up for an afternoon of history. Every review mentioned the biscuits, which are brought out to your table before the food, and they were indeed delicious! I had the California Dreamer (avocado toast) and my husband had the Shrimp and Grits. We also tried the pimiento cheese fritters. Deep fried pimiento cheese – only in the South!

Flying biscuit cafe 2

Everything was scrumptious, including the fresh berries that came with my meal, and after rolling back to our car, we headed to the museum.

To the Western Front

Entering the exhibit…it was sobering to realize that men lived for months in these trenches

I don’t know what kind of museum people you all are, but we are the kind that like to read almost everything, so we can spend hours in museums! We started out in the permanent exhibit “The Story of North Carolina” but soon realized we wouldn’t have enough time to cover the entire museum (we arrived about 2:30 and they closed at 5 PM) so decided to leave that for our next visit and moved on to the time-sensitive exhibits. I enjoyed a look at fashions from the 1700’s to the 1960’s, then wandered upstairs for the immersive “North Carolina and World War I” exhibit – a fascinating look at trench warfare and the role of American soldiers in WWI. This exhibit is at the museum through January 6, 2019, so if you’re in Raleigh this year, I highly recommend it!

To go along with this exhibit, they have an entire hallway hung with WWI posters covering everything from enlistment ads to home front efforts. 

Books for our men

I am so in love with public libraries….this poster made my heart sing!

There were so many good exhibits at the museum!  I loved the exhibit “Picturing Nam: US Military Photography of the Vietnam War” as well – the photos from military photographers stationed in Vietnam are incredible and elicited so many emotions. One of my favorites was a photo of a military chaplain holding mass on a scrubby hillside for a few soldiers while another soldier stood guard.  This exhibit is only at the museum through March 18, 2018, so you’ll have to hurry if you want to catch it! I may make another trip back to Raleigh before it leaves, it was that good.

**Admission to the North Carolina Museum of History is completely free…they do have donation boxes scattered throughout in case you want to donate**

It was a great day out – good food, good company, and great history! Can you recommend any other museums in North Carolina that I should explore??

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