It’s Never Too Late for a Dream


photo courtesy of pixabay

New chapters in life can be exhilarating.  They can be terrifying. They are often both at the same time! Whether your new chapter is a birthday, empty nesting, a move to a new state, your youngest child going to school full-time, a new job, a divorce or simply a time when you are ready for a change, it is never too late to CHOOSE the direction you want to take! Don’t be afraid to dream big…we never know where our dreams will take us but I do know that if we don’t dream, we sure won’t go anywhere!

Since turning 50 and becoming an empty nester; I’ve been inspired to actively decide how I want to live this next chapter in my life. My theme is  “Fearless 50’s” so I am planning lots of adventures, both big and small! First up was climbing to the crown of the Statue of Liberty. This had been on my travel bucket list for years but after 9/11 the statue was closed for a long time, then Hurricane Sandy caused further closures. Once it finally reopened I jumped at the chance to climb; I celebrated my 50th birthday with my husband and Lady Liberty!!

Doug and I in Lady liberty.jpg

My husband and I in the crown of the Statue of Liberty

My second big adventure the year I turned 50 was a bike trip through Austria with two girlfriends; we rode 240 miles from Passau, Germany to Vienna, Austria along the Danube river, by ourselves on a self-guided adventure. I had probably only been on a bike ten times since college when I decided to do this, but it truly was one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done! (My cover photo for the blog is from this bike trip – I’ll be writing a full blog post about this trip at some point).

amigas with bikes.jpg

The Three Amigas! I’m on the right

Here are some of my other dreams for this next chapter of my life:

  • I want to do more bike trips with my girlfriends (we actually have the next one booked – the Czech Republic this fall!)
  • I want to plan a solo trip to Paris
  • I want to live in Europe for an extended period of time with my husband
  • I want to see snow come through the oculus in the Pantheon in Rome  – I know what you’re going to say – it rarely snows in Rome and I’ll have a chance in a million of seeing this one….but it’s still a dream (thanks Anthony Doerr, author of Four Seasons in Rome) so it totally counts!
  • I want to explore the National Parks in the western half of the USA.
  • I want to start a travel/lifestyle blog and help inspire others to travel and explore this amazing world (first part is done – don’t think I’ve completed the second part yet as I’m only on post #3…but I can be patient)
  • I want to run an entire 10K (I ran 4 of the 6.2 miles of the Lilac Run in Rochester, NY last year, but want to run the entire thing!)
  • I want to push myself past my comfort zone in training for these bike trips and 10K’s
  • I want to have adventures, both small and big; alone and with my husband/family/friends
  • I want to make a difference in the lives of people who aren’t as lucky as I
  • I want to live a healthy, happy and active life rooted in compassion, love, and an adventurous spirit
  • I want to finish teaching my miniature golden doodle to Stand Up Paddleboard with me and take him on adventures as well

What are some of your dreams for YOUR next chapter in life???

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